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Rebecca & Benjamin — Minted




Wedding Party

Elizabeth Vinson Schulz

Co-Matron of Honor

Elizabeth and Rebecca met freshman year at the University of Georgia by living on the same floor of on-campus dorm Lipscomb Hall. Back then, she was known as "Long Hair Liz." After serving as Class President and getting her MD at the Medical College of Georgia, Liz is now a neonatologist and serving in the US Air Force. She lives outside of Bethesda, MD alongside her husband Jonathon and their 7 year old daughter, Cecilia and dog, Peanut.

Since college, Rebecca and Liz have visited each other in Charleston, New York, Boston, Japan, and Florida.

Good luck trying to keep up with her on the dance floor at the reception!

Lauren Izzo

Co-Matron of Honor

Though both attended the University of Georgia in overlapping years, Lauren and Rebecca didn't meet until "freshman year" of living in New York. Rebecca and Lauren have been friends for over 13 years, following each other to Brooklyn and then later Atlanta. Lauren is a triple Dawg and a media data and measurement expert having worked for ESPN, Nielsen, and currently ComScore. She now lives in Athens with her husband Tom and their two daughters Emilia (6) and Juliana (almost 4).

Lauren is Rebecca's designated concert buddy having seen shows together like The Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, NKOTB, and local favorite The Modern Skirts to name just a very small few.

Bets are being taken that she'll know every single song the band plays at the reception.

Jesse McPherson

Best Man

Ben and Jesse have been best friends since before birth since their mothers were in lamaze class together! They grew up in Whiteville, NC and even received their Eagle Scout awards and graduated high school together. They both share a fondness of outdoors which includes hunting, fishing, and camping. Usually if you saw one, the other wasn't too far away.

After high school, they worked summers together in Southport and Bald Head Island. After Ben moved to Georgia, they continued to stay best friends.

Jesse lives in Southport with his wife Kara and their 3 children: Millie, Porter, and Claire.

Billy Hughes


Billy and Ben met each other in college at UNCW through a mutual friend. After that, they were college roommates and have been best friends ever since despite Billy being a Tennessee fan and Ben rooting for the Dawgs.

Every summer, Ben has been blessed to be included in the Hughes family summer vacation with Billy's family and his parents Linda and William. It's a time he looks forward to every year.

Billy is married to Haleigh; together they share 2 kids, Matthew (16) and Grayson (almost 5) and live in Wilmington, NC.